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BestRCS company manufactures, transports and sells variety of research chemicals.  We are one of the biggest research chemical suppliers in China.You could get the best quality Research Chemical with a very great price from us.

We have our factory:
    Our factory   RCS BIOTECHNOLOGY Co, LTD is landed in Jiangsu province of China.
    We manufacture and supply the high quality products to our clients all over the world. Forging excellent working relationships with our clients,including agents,many reputed pharmacologists, international research laboratories, and renowned educational institutions.

We have our Laboratory:
    Our Chemcal scientific researchers do their best to make sure each product manufacture is according to regulations.
In order to improve the quality,they do a lot of experiments.So our clients could get high quality products.
    We accept customization.You only need to provide us the CAS# or the Illustrative structural diagrams,our Chemcal scientific researchers will make it out in the time.

We have excellent Shipping Agent partner:
    We guaranteed delivery to many countries depent on our excellent Shipping Agent partners.They try their best to deliver these research chemicals in the best way to ensure our clients could get the packages safely without any trouble.
    Notice that situations are different from one country to another, so Guarenteed delivery rule is not the same in different countries.

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Company Addresses:
Xin Yuan Lu
Binhu Qu, Wuxi Shi
BestRCS office address (Hongkong):
UNIT 01,17/F



Contact us:
Tel num:(+86) 0519-85389808
            (+86) 132-4622-3065
Fax:      (+86) 0510-83301804
Email: BestRCS@outlook.com


* BestRCS.com does not approve of the recreational misuse of research chemicals. We only sell our products to customers aged 18 years or over, for purposes of research only.

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